APAC Festival November 16-18, 2023

"Moving Toward the Stars!"



Our Repertoire (click title below for links to rehearsal notes) 


Ad Astra (To the Stars...)- Jacob Narverud

Dance for Love- Z. Randall Stroope

TaReKiTa- Reena Esmail

I'll be on My Way- Shawn Kirchner

Sweet Spontaneous Earth- Sofia Jen Ouyang

Fengyang Song- Chen Yi   

Feng Yang Song Pronunciation Audio (see below)


Dr. B's Scores with markings will be posted below:

Ad Astra Score

Ta Re Ki Ta Score

I'll Be on My Way Score

Sweet Spontaneous Earth Score (study score)

Feng yang Song Score

Feng Yang Song Pronuciation click below:

No.1 FengYang Song.mp3